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Neelesh is a student of photography for the past 20 years and, self admittedly, “has a blast with it.” He has had fun in Mumbai and Sydney, working in fashion, portraiture, theatre, art forms, monuments, panoramic and corporate and advertising photography. His is a unique wanderlust in the world of the still image, and its exploration with form, colour, effect, and movement; the aesthetic meets art meets the natural. Voila.

Neelesh’s work has had pride of place in Femina, Filmfare, G, Gentleman, International Gallery, Oomph!, the Taj Magazine, and many others. Credits include the National Gold Award from A&M and the ‘Once in a Lifetime Achievement’ Award from the Lalit Kala Academy. He hopes never to graduate,,

A recipient of the A&M GOLD National Award 1995 from Advertising and marketing- A&M magazine group.

And the "Once in Lifetime Achievement Award 1996" by Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi Neelesh Kale believes in capturing the ‘spirit of the subject’, and is someone whose work in the world of photography is sure to leave a mark.

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